Hey Expenses: Abeg na


The growing cost of living is about to choke the living. And sadly a large percentage of our primary expenses go into the expense of feeding. To reduce your expenses, buying food in bulk just might help.  And that is why I’m sharing with you means and ways to preserve the food you bought with your hard-earned money to avoid wasting it. In trying to store foods properly, it is important to...



Before you get confused by my choice of title, the word GOAT stands for Greatest of All Time and not Capra aegagrus hircus. While growing up, I had the privilege to be called Messi too, if you’re really gifted in the art of soccer then your nickname will be between these two, Messi and Ronaldo. There was a time I was referred to as MessiRonaldo, the two combined lol, well this write-up is...

Fare Thee Well


The finality of Death is so annoyingly- final.  One minute here, the next minute, good for good. The second most pivotal point of any human life. It’s the end of chances, the end of efforts, the end of tries. The end of hope.  And most definitely the end of love. Because love is what you do, give and share. You receive as well as give it.  And when one dies, it ends.  You can do nothing but...

The tremendous joy of a new Life


So innocent.  So blank. So beautiful 
So squished. 
So worthy. 
A new life. 
A newborn. 
Unending possibilities. 
A new slate. 
Stories yet untold. 
Joys yet to face. 
Tears yet to cry. 
Fears yet to feel. 
Regrets not made. Yet. 
So very unfinal. 
So very undecided. 
Life at Its Best. 
A new beginning, we hope, is greatness.

The Endless Pursuit of Learning: Why it Doesn’t Exhaust the Mind


In the pursuit of knowledge, there is a common misconception that continuous learning can exhaust the mind. However, quite the contrary, the learning process is a boundless journey that expands the mind’s horizons, invigorates curiosity, and fuels personal growth. The possibilities of development of our mind are endless; hence, the saying by Leonardo da Vinci – “Learning never...

Managing Physical Effects of Stress at Work


Hey guys👋 So it’s a new week, and some of us are just starting a new shift; some of us have already been working over the weekend. I bet we all have something in common, though; the stress that comes from sitting for long hours is inevitable!😩 From the discomfort in your back to the sharp pain that builds up in your waist from the pressure of sitting down for so long. And...

Unveiling the Wild, Hilarious, and Relatable Truths About Living in Lagos


They say it’s the same city that never sleeps. The African New York, as it is known by others, Have you ever wondered why there are so many sayings about a city that happens to be the smallest state geographically in Nigeria yet the most populated in the country? Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. Now there’s Lagos, the most populated state in the most populated country...

A Scent That Lingers… 


What scents do you love? The beautiful scent of roses? Or the luxurious scent of saffron and sandalwood? or even the misty fragrance of ocean breeze? Odours are unique in changing our moods and feelings. Fact has it recorded that a man has the scent of the one he truly loves registered in his brain. Even when blindfolded, he knows his true love’s scent amidst several others. They stay long...

Our friend Beans


Dieting, which is almost equally crucial for maintaining physical fitness and health as cardiac exercise and weight training, is frequently discussed in the context of weight loss. However, for some reason, when the subject of nutrients comes up, people feel compelled to point out that beans have a more extensive carbohydrate content than protein. Although the statement is true, why do we bring...

Love Recipe Or Imagination? 🤔


LOVE isn’t as easy as we all see it on social media, but here’s the thing, what really excites you when you watch these love scenes or videos on the internet or in movies? Here’s a not-so-broad list of what most women look out for that immediately tickles their fantasies. 1. THE P.D.A(the kisses, hugs to mention but a few) As a huge fan of love, the first thing that strikes me is the public show...