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The Naira’s Dance: Should We Save in Local or Foreign Currency?


 Ah, the naira. A familiar companion with an occasionally surprising rhythm. As Nigerians, we are intimately familiar with this dance. Some days it dances against the dollar, gaining value, while others it falls, leaving us wondering if it will ever rise again. This constant movement prompts the question: where do we keep our hard-earned money? Naira or something more stable, such as the mighty...

Cardtonic indeed bridges the gap!


THIS ARTICLE WAS CO-WRITTEN BY BLACKIE & UCHECHI “I am never using that company and their app ever again!” Jide fumed. His expression visibly spoke fury. “What do I do now?” He continued. He stood with his hands akimbo; I watched him from my dresser and he probably didn’t notice my presence. “What’s wrong Jidechukwu?” I enquired, coming to meet him where he stood. “I tried to trade my gift...