A Scent That Lingers… 


What scents do you love? The beautiful scent of roses? Or the luxurious scent of saffron and sandalwood? or even the misty fragrance of ocean breeze? Odours are unique in changing our moods and feelings. Fact has it recorded that a man has the scent of the one he truly loves registered in his brain. Even when blindfolded, he knows his true love’s scent amidst several others. They stay long in our memories and could trigger lost memories and events. I HAVE A BLISSFUL MEMORY whenever I perceive the smell of lavender and Japanese blossoms.

A scent I won’t forget,

a smile so beautiful,

A voice like a magical clarinet,

a glare so powerful,

charm and grace you’d want to get,

warm touches so soulful,

Mesmerized, I’m glad we met.

About the author


Dark skinned, free spirited and a couple of inches above 5’8. If lighting up the room was supposedly a crime, I’d probably be the guiltiest. My witty demeanor would often times take the center stage, else you’d have to keep up with my quirky persona. And for the umpteenth time it’s really just Vince, not Vincent.

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