AuthorKechi Marcus

Hello! I bet you already know my name but I'll still introduce myself. My name is Nkechi, most people who know me personally call me Keke. Since I was a kid I've always enjoyed reading anything I could find and at some point realized that I enjoyed writing too. I would write short stories and share them with my friends and family. As I got older, writing created a safe space for me when I was feeling any kind of emotion, whether sad or confused or excited. I express myself better when writing and it allows me observe my emotions objectively. I also express some of parts of my creative self like, songwriting, poems, & copywriting. Whenever I write, I feel like there are endless ways of expressing myself and sharing my ideas with my audience and that is the beauty of it for me.

Managing Physical Effects of Stress at Work


Hey guys👋 So it’s a new week, and some of us are just starting a new shift; some of us have already been working over the weekend. I bet we all have something in common, though; the stress that comes from sitting for long hours is inevitable!😩 From the discomfort in your back to the sharp pain that builds up in your waist from the pressure of sitting down for so long. And...

Happy Father’s Day!


It was Father’s Day yesterday, and everyone celebrated their dads and brothers, generally; male role models and father figures. The energy was vibrant and celebratory everywhere. I am reminded of one thing, though; around this time last year, on the previous Father’s Day, I remember I wanted to call my dad to wish him a happy Father’s Day, but I got distracted and forgot to.  A...