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Cardtonic indeed bridges the gap!


THIS ARTICLE WAS CO-WRITTEN BY BLACKIE & UCHECHI “I am never using that company and their app ever again!” Jide fumed. His expression visibly spoke fury. “What do I do now?” He continued. He stood with his hands akimbo; I watched him from my dresser and he probably didn’t notice my presence. “What’s wrong Jidechukwu?” I enquired, coming to meet him where he stood. “I tried to trade my gift...

Tomato and Nigerians: the relationship 


If you have ever stepped foot on Nigerian soil then you know that tomato is one of our true loves. Tomato is in a one-sided relationship with Nigerians where it isn’t acknowledged to be the greatest and truest of all times that it is.  All Nigerians read “most”, love tomato but no one loves it anymore than the Yoruba people. They eat tomatoes with everything, like everything. And then...



Before you get confused by my choice of title, the word GOAT stands for Greatest of All Time and not Capra aegagrus hircus. While growing up, I had the privilege to be called Messi too, if you’re really gifted in the art of soccer then your nickname will be between these two, Messi and Ronaldo. There was a time I was referred to as MessiRonaldo, the two combined lol, well this write-up is...