Welcome to the world of writing where creativity knows no bounds. My name is Ifeoma but you can call me Ify. I’m a mastery of poetic words and a goddess of written words. Oh! Don't be in shock, I'm not Shakespeare, I'm here to serve you the best inventive writings , so sit back relax and let's embark On this world of realistic words together.

Bias In User Experience Design


Hey there, this topic is a bit serious but at the same time, it’s going to be a fun read. First of all, Introduction. As we grow we realize that not everything is supposed to be the way we think and make the perception about. This is called “Bias”. And as designers, we need to focus on the goal of connecting with the user without getting affected by any of the factors of our mind or someone...



THIS ARTICLE WAS CO-WRITTEN BY IFEOMA & REMMY Have you ever wondered how the clothes we put on best describe our identity and self-esteem? With fashion being a vehicle for self-expression and connection to the world. a person’s wardrobe speaks volumes about an individual. I recalled having a conversation with Dele. Dele was complaining bitterly about how the cloth he wore on a...

The Art Of Gamification In UX Design


According to research, Games make us smart, happy, elevate our energy level and help us from psychological damage. However, psychology states that our brain releases dopamine, which means that our brains naturally accept or indulge in gaming activities. Therefore, Games are an essential part of life, because it is fun and enticing.  What Is Gamification? Gamification is the act of applying game...



Whoever invented poetry?
What was he thinking?
The combination of words and sounds that turns into a masterpiece.
What was he thinking?
The magical way of showing pain, conversing love, happiness, and joy all in various forms.
Reaching out deep to different minds.
I must see myself as poetry or this world of mine has no meaning.



But I being pure, I have only my dreams.  I spread my dreams underneath your feet. I tried softly because you’ve threatened my dreams. I assume you’ve dream pressed it.    With struggle I rise as many times as I fall because I have always known that dreams are not what you see in your sleep alone, but that which does not let you sleep.  Though you’ve tried to make me see that...

Stillness In The Workplace


What’s up, people! You may be wondering what this is about without getting started. Not to worry, nothing here will shock you. Lol.  I am currently reading a book titled Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday. The author explains Stillness as the key to someone who is always moving forward. Look at stressors, such as long hours, negativity, and deadlines. You might learn to navigate them all...

A Stoic Approach To Problem-Solving


In the ancient history of stoic philosophy, it is commonly known that stoicism often refers to an unemotional person. One who can endure pain or hardship without complaining or showing emotions; stoicism teaches the improvement of self-control to overcome harmful feelings. The common thing among the ancient philosophers, from the one who was an enslaved person, the other who was an emperor, or...