Unveiling the Wild, Hilarious, and Relatable Truths About Living in Lagos


They say it’s the same city that never sleeps. The African New York, as it is known by others,

Have you ever wondered why there are so many sayings about a city that happens to be the smallest state geographically in Nigeria yet the most populated in the country?

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. Now there’s Lagos, the most populated state in the most populated country in Africa, holding about 12% of the population. What does that tell you?

Oh, no! I know. Let me help you. It means there is “Life in Lagos” literally, high and low life socially, and over 19 million life biologically.

The reason for so much population is that Lagos is a city filled with so many amazing places and opportunities such as;

1. For job opportunities

Lagos is home to the majority of industries and enterprises. If you want to get a good job in Nigeria, you should pack your belongings and relocate to Lagos to start your career.

Why? Because it is West Africa’s economic hub and the continent’s fastest-growing city. Despite being Nigeria’s smallest state, it accounts for more than 60% of the country’s industrial and commercial operations.

2. The Best Markets

An image of a Lagos Market.

You cannot talk about the beauty of Lagos and not include the Markets. Lagos is filled with various markets that satisfy the demand for both consumer and industrial goods of the over 21 million Lagosians. If you have products to sell or services to render and profit is one of your motives, Lagos is the city to live in. Some of the markets are popular for various things like Computer Village Ikeja, known for all mobile phones and computer products, Oshodi market known for consumer goods, etc. so whatever you want, there is a market in Lagos you’ll find it at an affordable price.

3. Transportation in Lagos

An image of a Bus in Lagos.

Living in Lagos means being connected to the rest of the globe. How? If you choose to reside and do business in Lagos, you will have access to both an international airport and a seaport, allowing you to travel to other areas of the world and move your goods with ease. oh do not forget the public means of transport within the state such as the yellow danfo buses, the okada (motorbike) taxi, and Keke(tricycle)

4. The Beautiful Beaches

Oh did I mention the city is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean? Permit me to say Lagos has Nigeria’s greatest beaches as it is surrounded by bodies of water. As a result, there are numerous picturesque sandy beaches excellent for picnics and recreation. You may love not only beaches but also private islands and beach resorts.

5. Amazing street food

There is no dull moment when it comes to Nigerians and their street food, but Lagosians take it to a whole new level. Lagos street dishes have a particular flavour that you won’t find anywhere else. Suya, the city’s most popular and excellent barbecue meat, can be found on practically every corner. Similarly, the well-known ‘Agege’ Bread can be found on Lagos’ streets. Other street snacks include Akara, Boli, Puff Puff, Agbo, Agidi, Jedi, and a variety of others.

There are  many more  amazing features that are involved in life in Lagos, But here is a heads up for you,

*You must be ready to understand traffic, so you will be needing a lot of patience

* Do not forget the nightlife; it’s not called the city that never sleeps for no reason,

*The crime rate causes a major problem in a populated city; you will always find bad eggs.

*Fancy places, there are lots of places to spend the money you’ve come to work so hard for; in Lagos, there is a luxurious lifestyle at its peak as it is the home of most celebrities in Nigeria.

One thing you must know before you move you should know living in Lagos can be quite expensive compared to other cities so big dreams are the opportunity because of the high cost of living ranging from, Accommodation, to Food, transportation, etc.

There is no end to what life in this city can offer. Then there is the opportunity, the pleasure, the ideas, the peer, the hate, the love, the struggle, the pain, the breakthrough, the expensive stuff, the foreigners, entertainment, the joy, the blessings, and even the thrive. Yes, they thrive for me. The city fills you with the hunger and adrenaline rush to be successful, the thrive for you to get better, to work hard, to hustle, for you to not be intimidated for life and be able to live your dream life someday.

“Money no dey Lagos,” they say is the saying of a man who is yet to arrive.

This is Lagos. Shine your eyes.

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