What Stands in the Way, Becomes the Way


Life often presents obstacles that seem insurmountable, challenges that test our will and resilience. However, there exists a philosophy that suggests these obstacles, instead of being roadblocks, can serve as pathways to growth and success. This principle, “What stands in the way becomes the way,” illustrates the wisdom of transforming obstacles into opportunities.¬† Primarily, this...

Decoding Inner Drive: The Dance Between Prize and Glory


THIS ARTICLE WAS CO-WRITTEN BY BAYO & NKECHI Discovering what truly motivates us is an introspective journey that often involves the delicate balance between the desire for tangible rewards, the prize, and the intangible recognition, the glory. While both hold their unique appeal, the source of motivation can vary greatly from person to person. For some, the pursuit of the prize serves as a...

Love, a feeling or a Choice


THIS ARTICLE WAS CO-WRITTEN BY E.S. & PAUL I and a female friend of mine were casually chatting when she suddenly typed, “Why do people lie?” I asked what she meant and she said “One time they say they love you and will give up the whole world for you and later they act like you don’t mean anything”. I tried my best to give a befitting answer but what she said...

Scents, Music, Seasons and Memories


Memories are a stronger emotion than love. A current significant other might be judged in favor of a past partner. Our memories playing a trick on us. We remember people by scents, shared music interests, and the season of time we spent together. Some people prefer the rainy season to the harmattan. Some of us might enjoy the snow, others not at all. We might love the beach, but others are...

Cultures, Tribes, and Empires


We are defined deeply by where we are born and raised by whom we are born to, and how we are raised. A Han Chinese man born and raised in Nigeria will behave differently from one born and raised in China. Locations are the main definers of who we are. Our cultures influence our morals and the lens through which we see the world. Many great dynasties have existed through time, some stronger and...

Failure’s Gambit: A Catalyst for Risk-Taking


Failure is a word that often conjures negative emotions, but in the realm of success and growth, it has a paradoxical relationship with risk-taking. The more you fail, the more you want to take risks. This counterintuitive connection reveals the transformative power of failure and how it can fuel a relentless pursuit of innovation and achievement. One of the fundamental reasons behind this...

Mindset Shapes Everything


In the grand symphony of life, the most influential conductor is your mindset. It is the orchestra that plays the tune of your reality, guiding your actions and shaping your destiny. Whether you believe in the possibility of success or dwell in a realm of doubt, your mindset is the anchor to achieving your goals. A positive mindset is a cornerstone of personal and professional success. It is the...



Whoever invented poetry?
What was he thinking?
The combination of words and sounds that turns into a masterpiece.
What was he thinking?
The magical way of showing pain, conversing love, happiness, and joy all in various forms.
Reaching out deep to different minds.
I must see myself as poetry or this world of mine has no meaning.

Carpe Diem: Welcoming Life’s Fleeting Nature


In the busy journey of life, the reminder of our mortality can sometimes darken our hopes and daily pursuits. Oddly enough, embracing the unavoidable reality of the last curtain call, can propel us to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life. It is a paradox, where the acknowledgement of an end becomes a driving force for a vibrant existence.  However, this consciousness nudges us to prioritize...

Humanity: The Most Beautiful Tragedy 


In the vast cosmos, humanity exists as a profound paradox, a tapestry woven from threads of beauty and tragedy. It is a story marked by resilience, compassion, and boundless creativity intertwined with the harsh realities of suffering and struggle. At the core of this paradox is the profound capacity for love and connection that defines our species. The beauty of humanity lies in the way we can...