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Glory is a tech-savvy content writer who is passionate about everything digital. She has an insatiable thirst for all things technological. She is a skilled manager who can navigate the transactional world by day, but at night, she lets her creativity run wild as a writer and content creator. She writes compelling pieces while fusing her passion for technology, learning, culture, food, and digital skills. She has a bachelor's degree in business education. Glory is an enthusiastic supporter of communication and is aware of the significant influence that words—spoken or written—can have. She mixes together captivating and informative blog pieces that attract readers and leaves them wanting more because she has a keen interest in all things digital related and is a gift for storytelling. Join her on this thrilling journey as she explores the world of technology, sharing captivating tales & tips and offering insightful advice on the rapidly evolving field of digital skills. Be prepared for an amazing experience as Glory's words transport you into a universe of knowledge and creativity.

THE HEART OF AFRICA- Recognition and celebration of our African mothers


THIS ARTICLE WAS CO-WRITTEN BY GLORY & COMFORT When you hear the saying behind every successful man there is a woman. You don’t need to start a gender war or a battle of supremacy just accept it in good faith but don’t forget to modify it by adding “Behind every successful and unsuccessful man and woman there is a woman.  Trust me this is not a post on any gender movements, be it gender...

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone: A Journey of Growth and Triumph with TTT


Have you ever felt that nagging voice telling you to take a chance? Some call it gut, instinct, or holy spirit others even call it the devil. Two years ago, I was in a similar situation. To explore the unfamiliar region and embrace the unknown, I felt driven to leave the safety of my comfort zone. I used to consider failure to be a dead end. I resisted stepping outside my comfort zone since the...

Unveiling the Wild, Hilarious, and Relatable Truths About Living in Lagos


They say it’s the same city that never sleeps. The African New York, as it is known by others, Have you ever wondered why there are so many sayings about a city that happens to be the smallest state geographically in Nigeria yet the most populated in the country? Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. Now there’s Lagos, the most populated state in the most populated country...

Emojis Speak Louder Than Words – The Rise of Visual Communication


A common language has risen in this age of digital communication, where text messages, social media postings, and comments have dominated our relationships to convey feelings, express ideas, and establish connections. And No! I am not referring to a cyber-coding language or encryption 📟 language; instead, I am referring to emojis, those adorable, tiny pictorial miracles that have swept...