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Mindset Shapes Everything


In the grand symphony of life, the most influential conductor is your mindset. It is the orchestra that plays the tune of your reality, guiding your actions and shaping your destiny. Whether you believe in the possibility of success or dwell in a realm of doubt, your mindset is the anchor to achieving your goals. A positive mindset is a cornerstone of personal and professional success. It is the...

The Art Of Gamification In UX Design


According to research, Games make us smart, happy, elevate our energy level and help us from psychological damage. However, psychology states that our brain releases dopamine, which means that our brains naturally accept or indulge in gaming activities. Therefore, Games are an essential part of life, because it is fun and enticing.  What Is Gamification? Gamification is the act of applying game...



Whoever invented poetry?
What was he thinking?
The combination of words and sounds that turns into a masterpiece.
What was he thinking?
The magical way of showing pain, conversing love, happiness, and joy all in various forms.
Reaching out deep to different minds.
I must see myself as poetry or this world of mine has no meaning.



But I being pure, I have only my dreams.  I spread my dreams underneath your feet. I tried softly because you’ve threatened my dreams. I assume you’ve dream pressed it.    With struggle I rise as many times as I fall because I have always known that dreams are not what you see in your sleep alone, but that which does not let you sleep.  Though you’ve tried to make me see that...

Carpe Diem: Welcoming Life’s Fleeting Nature


In the busy journey of life, the reminder of our mortality can sometimes darken our hopes and daily pursuits. Oddly enough, embracing the unavoidable reality of the last curtain call, can propel us to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life. It is a paradox, where the acknowledgement of an end becomes a driving force for a vibrant existence.  However, this consciousness nudges us to prioritize...

Hey Expenses: Abeg na


The growing cost of living is about to choke the living. And sadly a large percentage of our primary expenses go into the expense of feeding. To reduce your expenses, buying food in bulk just might help.  And that is why I’m sharing with you means and ways to preserve the food you bought with your hard-earned money to avoid wasting it. In trying to store foods properly, it is important to...

Building Greatness: The Puzzle of Masterpieces 


Creating a masterpiece is a journey through varied fragments of creativity, dedication, and skill. It is like solving a complex puzzle where every piece has its unique place and significance in forming the grand picture of greatness. It is the amalgamation of various fragments, ideas, and nuances that breathe life into what might seem ordinary on its own.  I define greatness as doing the...

Humanity: The Most Beautiful Tragedy 


In the vast cosmos, humanity exists as a profound paradox, a tapestry woven from threads of beauty and tragedy. It is a story marked by resilience, compassion, and boundless creativity intertwined with the harsh realities of suffering and struggle. At the core of this paradox is the profound capacity for love and connection that defines our species. The beauty of humanity lies in the way we can...

The Journey of Time our feet are yet to walk


Do you ever look around and wonder where time has gone?  You wonder how did I get so old?  and wonder what happened to your dreams, did they happen yet? and if they have happened, yay, I am so glad for you. And I hope you are happy. Are you happy though? Is there happiness to have at the end of all this? Would you tell us if we are walking a path where there’s some happiness at the end, or are...

Tomato and Nigerians: the relationship 


If you have ever stepped foot on Nigerian soil then you know that tomato is one of our true loves. Tomato is in a one-sided relationship with Nigerians where it isn’t acknowledged to be the greatest and truest of all times that it is.  All Nigerians read “most”, love tomato but no one loves it anymore than the Yoruba people. They eat tomatoes with everything, like everything. And then...