Adulting Level Up: Broke to Ballin on a Budget (Because Noodles Can Only Get You So Far and Are Not Cheap Again)


Alright, friends. We’ve all been there, your bank account looking like a barren desert. Let’s face it, budgets can be a real buzzkill. Imagine all the exciting things you could buy, such as a fancy new gadget, from Cardtonic, movie tickets, or a spontaneous Eastern holiday (hello, Bali!). But instead, you are grabbing onto your hats and calculating…! Saving money does not have to be an unpleasant experience. 

Not to worry friends, let’s get past the boredom of complaining and the budget talk and discover how to be a **budgeting boss** without feeling like you’re stuck on a restriction island. 

**Turn Your Savings into a Game:**

Like the Temple run game, but instead of going after the coin you are going after The Nnamdi Azikiwe and Ahmadu Bello and still been chased by the witches, but in this case the witches are the stalk of bills and .expenses. (that’s fancy talk for hundreds, duh). There are plenty of apps that allow you to set goals for your savings and monitor your progress. Every time you hit a goal, boom! Next Level!  You will be so busy conquering your financial gym that Noodles will become a distant memory (except for that one night a month, we all have those)

Free Fun  is the Name of the Game:

Who says awesome adventures have to cost a fortune?  Explore the free side of life!  Many cities have free Art galleries, awesome parks for picnics really affordable beaches even outdoor movie nights under the stars (way more romantic than overpriced cocktails, anyway)

Forget that overpriced brunch and hit the free button. The only thing cheaper will be the laughs with your friends and family.

DIY Date Night:

If you are still in the single boat, please move to the next point. This is for those who have a companion and are on a ship. Ditch the overpriced dinners and crowded bars.  Get creative with a romantic date night in!  Whip up a fancy meal together, or have a Netflix and chill moment as we love to call it, or give each other massages (with fancy lotion, not your greasy hand lotion from the bathroom). Trust me, the quality time and personal touch will make this way more special than waiting in line for the latest overpriced cocktail.

Master the “No Spend Weekend”:

Challenge yourself to a weekend where you spend zero Naira (okay, maybe a few thousand for emergencies). Not because you can’t afford to have a lavish weekend all the time but because you are trying to live your best life while still on a budget. A no-speed weekend is a great way to rediscover the free and fun things you love doing and reconnect with hobbies you haven’t touched in ages.  Board game night with friends, bike ride, writing, drawing, painting, dance-off with friends the possibilities are endless!

Negotiate your way out:

Trying to get the best deal as Much as you can is a way to get both from both worlds “Ballin and Budget” is ok to want to make a major purchase or a craving purchase but get the best while at it is more rewarding, you can either negotiate your way through, to get the best price or go for things like sales, Discounts, voucher/coupon or even special holiday sales, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save with this little practice.

Remember, saving money is all about feeling empowered, not deprived.  By getting creative and finding ways to make it fun, you’ll be surprised at how quickly that savings account starts to bulge.  So ditch the frown and break out your budgeting crown –  you’re about to become the ruler of your own financial kingdom!


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