Stillness In The Workplace


What’s up, people! You may be wondering what this is about without getting started. Not to worry, nothing here will shock you. Lol. 

I am currently reading a book titled Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday. The author explains Stillness as the key to someone who is always moving forward. Look at stressors, such as long hours, negativity, and deadlines. You might learn to navigate them all if you want to make it. Ryan expresses that Stillness is the way to approach it.

Stillness implies centring yourself and concentrating on completing a particular purpose. It means setting aside all negativity and doubts in your mind and confronting a problem with all the skills you have accumulated.

I’m not telling you that stress will never touch you if you practice Stillness. But on your way to excellence, find your way to hurdle. Remember, Amid movement and chaos, keep Stillness inside of you.


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