But I being pure, I have only my dreams. 

I spread my dreams underneath your feet. I tried softly because you’ve threatened my dreams. I assume you’ve dream pressed it.   

With struggle I rise as many times as I fall because I have always known that dreams are not what you see in your sleep alone, but that which does not let you sleep.  Though you’ve tried to make me see that dreams are impossible without sleep.  

And I being pure, I have nothing in my dreams.   When somebody in whose authority you are subjected to constantly criticizes every action of yours, you tend to evaluate yourself along that line.


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Welcome to the world of writing where creativity knows no bounds. My name is Ifeoma but you can call me Ify. I’m a mastery of poetic words and a goddess of written words. Oh! Don't be in shock, I'm not Shakespeare, I'm here to serve you the best inventive writings , so sit back relax and let's embark On this world of realistic words together.

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