THE HEART OF AFRICA- Recognition and celebration of our African mothers



When you hear the saying behind every successful man there is a woman.

You don’t need to start a gender war or a battle of supremacy just accept it in good faith but don’t forget to modify it by adding “Behind every successful and unsuccessful man and woman there is a woman. 

Trust me this is not a post on any gender movements, be it gender equality, or feminism, not far from that, this is for that woman behind the success we all talked about “Mothers” our African mothers to be more precise.

African mothers are the backbone of their families, communities, and the nation at large. They are an embodiment of strength, resilience, love, and discipline. In this blog, I want us to explore the many aspects of African mothers’ duties, paying particular attention to their occupations, families, societal contributions, and unwavering love. They are unsung heroes of the continent, They are warriors unto themselves, rising to the difficulties of society, family, and work with dignity and courage.  Their love serves as the foundation of their families, giving the love and support needed to raise the following generation of thought leaders, CEOs, Founders, Inventors, Investors, Doctors, Musicians, Actors, Lecturers, Engineers, Content creators, Business gurus, Nurses, Activists, and many more.  They are the African mothers.

Quick gist…

When I look at the regular African turnsticks, I remember the days that wooden structure reset a whole lot of things in my brain. My mother’s eye signals can never be forgotten. Trust me, Words were not needed in those situations but those eyes spoke with very high frequencies.

Each African mother has their respective corrective styles yet the similarities and peculiarities have remained for decades and has in a way become an inheritable trait, passed on from generations. Oh how can we forget their massive support when we have our kids, they are ever around for omugwo with warm guidance and love to help bring up ours.

Let’s go on a short journey.

In a small village nestled within the heart of western Africa, there lived a remarkable woman named Amina. Amina was a force of nature in addition to being a mother, she was a daughter and a wife and her life story perfectly captured what it means to be an African mother.

Amina was a skilled nurse at the neighborhood clinic who took a compassionate and caring approach to the health of her patients. She managed her hard work while making sure her family had what they needed. Her kids looked up to her commitment and understood that success came from working hard.

She was the mother at home and the pillar that kept her family together. She cooked delicious traditional dinners and read stories by the fire to her kids to teach them the value of their cultural heritage. Her insight and caring nature created a devoted, harmonious family that served as an inspiration to the entire village.

In addition to her family, Amina was well-liked in her neighborhood for  promoting women’s rights, coordinated health awareness campaigns, and she worked for improved educational possibilities for young girls. She felt that she was giving her children and other children a better future by improving her town. Her love was the heartbeat of her village. Her warmth, strength, and unwavering support were the roots that allowed her children to grow tall and strong. 

I know the question still on your mind now is where does a success role come in?…

Imagine all the love Amina had put in, in creating a loving and warm environment for her children, an environment filled with love and showered with not just the values of hard work but a living example herself, there is not a chance on earth for a child from such a woman not to improve  society. Just like the psychologist says, the environment holds a great influence on the behavior of an individual.

For everybody who knew Amina, would say she was an inspiration and a source of admiration, as her story served as an introduction to the extraordinary courage, devotion, and love of African mothers.

My favorite African -baddies as I love to call our African moms, taught her daughters depths of family care, housekeeping, and overall the efficacy of love in the home which then emanates into the world. All this she did while ensuring that her home never lacked anything, she would yet work hard to ensure her husband’s flaws are not seen by others. She prioritizes her husband and children’s welfare over hers, yet just like a superhuman she ensures she’s educated, updated with the world. 

Before we take this to the end, I want you to take a minute to honor those African mothers who were not there to watch the journey of their children, those mothers who did their best to give their children the best but lost them in the journey of life.🕊️🕊️🕊️|

It isn’t Mother’s day but We honor our African mothers because they embody the essence and spirit of the continent. So pick your phone, dial that number and say “Thank you”,”I love you”, and “you are the best”.


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