The Psychology Behind “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”


We’ve all heard it: “Walk a mile in my shoes.” It’s a common plead for empathy, urging someone to see things from our perspective. But have you ever stopped to wonder if a true walk in another’s shoes is even possible?

Social media feeds are flooded with so-called curated perfectionists. I was blown away as I scrolled through people’s perspectives on June 25th and realized something truly mind-blowing:  We longed for someone else’s life(level of success) someone else’s “shoes.” whether we get to admit it or not.

It is the driving factor in our everyday lives. From the moment we wake up in the morning to when we go to bed at night, it influences our choices, actions, and interactions with the world around us. Whether we’re working, socializing, or simply relaxing, it plays a crucial role in shaping our experiences and molding our perspectives on life. One day you get the dream job you wanted and can afford to go to the places you once only dreamt of, you can buy yourself the dress you want, live in a comfortable apartment, take care of any need that arises, and even go on a vacation to Zanzibar, but there is Mrs. Evelyn who has a better job, just married a rich man and just came back from her trip to Paris, now you who now have what you once dreamt of start to want more, you work hard to get a promotion, so you can now afford a trip to Paris just like Evelyn. And if you ask me it has nothing to do with jealousy, it is just a drive to better things in life.

But here’s the truth: We all have struggles, hidden flaws, battles, and demons.  So behind everyone’s normal-looking life, there is a challenge that might not be as deep as yours but it might be one you can’t imagine living with. The picture-perfect lives we see online or on the surface are just a snippet, not the whole story.

The gigantic societal pressure to cling to unattainable standards of beauty, success, and happiness can be incredibly overwhelming. We often find ourselves relentlessly pursuing external validation and seeking to exchange our authentic selves for what we believe to be a more desirable image. But what if the key to happiness isn’t acquiring someone else’s shoes?

Here’s the liberating realization: We can find joy and fulfillment in our unique journey. Our imperfections and struggles are part of what make our lives our own. They shape who we are and the path we take.

Instead of chasing a fantasy, let’s celebrate the good things in our shoes, the ones that perfectly fit our abnormal feet. Let’s find our happiness, our definition of what makes a life well-lived.

So, the next time you find yourself on social media or you admire a rich sis or rich aunty that you just pass by and yearn for someone else’s life, remember: Your shoes, scratchy and perfectly imperfect, are the ones that will carry you on your incredible journey.

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