AuthorUbani G

My name is Godswill, I was born to an Igbo family in the Northern part of Nigeria.Tecnically you can say I have the northern blood flowing in me. I basically lived most of my life in the North until NYSC came calling and I had to relocate to the west. I'm a graduate who holds a Btech in Real estate but then I work in a tech space. One of my best qualities include my diligent way of working, my resourcefulness during difficult challenges, and my loyalty to others. Outside of work I like to keep myself active which includes playing video games, hanging out with friends, playing and watching football especially the English premier league. I also like reading non-fiction books which helps to develop my skills and knowledge.



THIS ARTICLE WAS CO-WRITTEN BY GODSWILL & ANGEL Gambling is an act of wagering a particular amount of money on a possible outcome. It also involves staking something of value with the knowledge of risk and a hope gain on the possible outcome of a game or an event who result may be ascertained by chance or accident. AS A SIDE HUSTLE Sports betting is the act of wagering on the outcome of a...



Have you ever stopped to think exactly what you want from life? If you ever considered this question, you might have taken this first step toward self-discovery but haven’t discovered a path toward achieving your primary goals.  Your values, dreams, traits, and talent may not always seem to matter much in the rush of daily life. But awareness of these features can give you many pictures of your...



A lot of people live an unfulfilled life. It is a customary problem. People often say they feel lost, isolated, demotivated, and trapped by their responsibilities. They always think that the challenges they face are too significant to overcome. Such as; debt, a lack of direction, being trapped by a well-paid job they don’t find rewarding, financial and family commitments, fear of failure...

A Good Sleep


Having a good night’s sleep is as essential as having a balanced diet or regular exercise. Depriving yourself a good night’s sleep has a lot of side effects. It could affect the brain’s functionality; gaining weight is another effect and could increase the chances of diseases in a child or adult.  Research shows that not sleeping well immediately affects our hormones, exercise...