Maximizing Setbacks 


These days it’s easy to come across articles on how to be successful. It’s what we all desire, to win; nobody wants to be associated with failing, not even me. Unfortunately, life is full of surprises, and we are rarely prepared for setbacks because who plans in life anticipating failure? With the few years I’ve spent on earth, I’ve learnt to accept setbacks as part of...

The tremendous joy of a new Life


So innocent.  So blank. So beautiful 
So squished. 
So worthy. 
A new life. 
A newborn. 
Unending possibilities. 
A new slate. 
Stories yet untold. 
Joys yet to face. 
Tears yet to cry. 
Fears yet to feel. 
Regrets not made. Yet. 
So very unfinal. 
So very undecided. 
Life at Its Best. 
A new beginning, we hope, is greatness.