Maximizing Setbacks 


These days it’s easy to come across articles on how to be successful. It’s what we all desire, to win; nobody wants to be associated with failing, not even me. Unfortunately, life is full of surprises, and we are rarely prepared for setbacks because who plans in life anticipating failure? With the few years I’ve spent on earth, I’ve learnt to accept setbacks as part of life’s journey.

Below are the keys to help you make the best of such seasons.

1. Do Not Moan About Your Loss Forever: Just like in video games, life is a win-or-lose battle; even though we all prefer the former, sometimes, the latter is what happens. You shouldn’t be paralyzed by a failed project, goal or relationship, at least not when you can try again.

2. Humour Can Make Healing Easier:  Back then, in school, as undergraduates, two of my friends, Shadrach and John, wrote an exam; it didn’t go too well, and as our ritual, we decided to pray after the paper. I said, “John pray for us,” and he gave me a humble look and said, “bro I ain’t got faith right now” We all busted into laughter, laying on the floor, and after some 5 minutes of laughing, we were able to pray finally. Not many instances you can laugh in the face of failure or defeat, but if you do, you are halfway to recovering.

3. Brainstorm On What You Could Have Done Differently: There is a proverb that says, ” It’s too late to cry after the head has been cut off”, but if you’re opportune to have your head grow back again, you shouldn’t allow it to be taking off by the same blade in the same manner. Take time to think of what you could have done differently; learning a painful lesson twice is not fun.

4. Celebrate Areas Where You’re Winning: You mustn’t let setbacks in one area make you feel like you are a total failure; if you do a thorough check, there are areas where you are winning; it might be your relationship, being consistent with working out, being promoted at work or achieving those financial goals, make sure you don’t make losing in one area appear as losing in all.

5. Don’t Be a Fan of Failure: Don’t be a fan of defeat; he is not a superstar. It is okay to feel bad when we fail at something; if you don’t feel bad, something is wrong. I know we are trying not to be depressed and broken, but if you’re okay with failing, you’re in trouble. The goal is not to keep failing but to learn from it and move on to win.

Have a lovely day!

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My name is Paul Yamusa, I'm a graduate of ABU Zaria and i hail from the northern part of Nigeria. I'm an easy going fellow that loves to smile and meet new people. I am passionate about music and personal development. I'm a song writer, rapper and singer, i derive joy in making people laugh.

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