Happy Father’s Day!


It was Father’s Day yesterday, and everyone celebrated their dads and brothers, generally; male role models and father figures.

The energy was vibrant and celebratory everywhere. I am reminded of one thing, though; around this time last year, on the previous Father’s Day, I remember I wanted to call my dad to wish him a happy Father’s Day, but I got distracted and forgot to. 

A few days later, he died. I still wonder why I didn’t call him even though I thought about doing it. 

I kept telling myself that I would call him before the day ended and forgot to, and the day ended, and I moved on from it. I’ve never been one to be hung up on celebrations.

I still regret not celebrating him that day, and losing him just a few days later makes me feel guilty sometimes. Emphasis on sometimes. I do not allow myself to get racked up by that guilt.

I believe the experience has taught me a priceless life lesson: to appreciate my loved ones now they’re still around because we’re not here forever. 

Since my dad died, I have made a conscious effort to take every opportunity to appreciate my family and friends in any little way I can.

Today on the family WhatsApp group, we shared videos and photos of him, reminiscing memories, which brought such a pleasant feeling. Even though he is no longer here, his memory lives on and will always be celebrated. We take for granted how short the time we spend alive with our loved ones.

I believe it is something to be conscious of, and that way, we can start loving and living more intentionally. Yes, life is happening really fast, and, every day, we get distracted by one thing or another, and that’s okay as long as we’re committed to finding a balance.

As we navigate life, prioritizing the people and things that matter the most to us is what’s most important. Yesterday was Father’s Day, and it was a good time to reflect on our fathers’ roles in our lives.

A father contributes an inevitable part in providing life energy to a child. His influence affects his son’s image of male behavior in general and moral boundaries. For his daughters, it affects future relationships with men and her self-confidence.

Honoring our parents is one of the main virtues of each person. Today as we celebrate Father’s Day, it is another reason to tell your father or any loved one at all how much you love and treasure them.❤️

Happy Father’s Day! 🥳

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  • Thank you for sharing this with us. I for one feel guilty about this as I fail in my duty to celebrate them… This has really changed my mind set toward it and I promise to do better.