Emojis Speak Louder Than Words – The Rise of Visual Communication


A common language has risen in this age of digital communication, where text messages, social media postings, and comments have dominated our relationships to convey feelings, express ideas, and establish connections.

And No! I am not referring to a cyber-coding language or encryption 📟 language; instead, I am referring to emojis, those adorable, tiny pictorial miracles that have swept the globe.

Let’s go on a journey 🚶🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️into the intriguing world of visual communication and examine how emoticons, gifs, and stickers have been incorporated into our daily interactions. Yea, I said “emoticons,” and I am sure you didn’t know that they were the first visual communication set that evolved into what we have today as emojis. The word emoticon comes from a combination of the words emotion and icon. The word emoji was born from two Japanese words: “e,” meaning “picture,” and moji, meaning “written character.”

In all honesty, I wasn’t a fan😫 of those color-blinding pieces of expression when they were first introduced to our communication. If there was anything I hated, I felt everyone was “hiding behind the emoji” and not saying how they honestly felt. Some people also said that they are a lazy means of communication. 

But in time, everything changed; it became the bedrock of my conversation. Like words were not saying and doing enough, now I could have a pretty heated discussion 🥵🔥 with a friend using stickers, gifs, and emoji. That’s how serious it got.

Imagine going through your social media feed when you see a post that makes you laugh aloud. Even typing “haha” doesn’t seem to express how much you loved it to the individual. Emojis come to the rescue in this situation by providing you with a lovely selection of laughing expressions, happy tears, and even a laughing penguin who is rolling on the floor. Your reaction suddenly turns into a smile and chuckle, replying with a virtual high-five.😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣✋🤚 And that is doing more justice than any of the “hahas “you could ever type.

Emojis have unquestionably changed how we communicate in this digital age.

I saw a video the other day saying sending stickers, gifs, memes, and emoji should be a love language ❣️🥰❤️ on its own, and there was no argument there because that is the level at which it has won the hearts of many.

They have become vital to our talks because of their universality and capacity to express thoughts and feelings. English might be the generally spoken language, but emojis are generally understood in today’s digital communication because a Yoruba man can have an emoji conversation with a Chinese man, and all will be fully understood.

You will agree with me that there is no doubt that emoji speak louder than words. From expressing happiness to sorrow, from rejoicing in victory to consoling a friend, from expressing respect to mocking a friend, it just does it all, so the next time you struggle to express yourself verbally, remember that sometimes just one emoji can say a lot. 😊🌟👍




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