Cardtonic indeed bridges the gap!



“I am never using that company and their app ever again!” Jide fumed. His expression visibly spoke fury. “What do I do now?” He continued. He stood with his hands akimbo; I watched him from my dresser and he probably didn’t notice my presence.

“What’s wrong Jidechukwu?” I enquired, coming to meet him where he stood. “I tried to trade my gift card and that stupid company made me lose money!” He roared. His eyes were red and I could feel it from where I stood. “I am so sorry boo” I tried to pacify him. “…I told you to trade with Cardtonic to avoid these disappointments, but you didn’t listen to me” I continued…

Jide sat down; he grinned. “…aaa…..nnnnn….ddddd how sure are you I won’t lose money again?!” He stammered. “Relax boo” I teased.

Jide and I have been dating for five years now. He is a sweetheart (but you would never want to meet his angry side).

We planned going on a date this weekend and I was particularly excited, because he specifically asked me to wear a little black dress he had bought for me on my birthday. I was not happy that the mood in the atmosphere was about to change due to his trade issues.

“…Okay babe, let me use Cardtonic, cos I really need that cash urgently” “I hope I will not regret it…” Jide said – bringing me out of the ocean of my thoughts in which I was beginning to drown. My face lit. “Don’t worry love, I assure you that, you won’t regret it” 

We traded the gift card his business partner had sent earlier, by uploading it on the Cardtonic app; while I went to wear my little black dress. 

I had barely strapped my stilettos when I felt Jide’s beard on my cheeks. “My account has been credited babe!… “ “This Cardtonic app is so fast and reliable!” He screamed for joy. “I will do anything for you babe; I will listen to you more from today, and I will use Cardtonic from now on….” He teased. We both laughed. 

“Please send me the rest of the cards worth $2000; I will trade them on Cardtonic; they are indeed tested and trusted” I overheard Jide say over the phone, while he left my dresser. He was indeed excited and impressed with the service he had received.

We got to the agreed date-venue; a classy Italian restaurant- just the way I like it. Everywhere seemed lit up. “Could this be it? Does he want to pop the question?” I thought aloud. “You’re welcome miss; your seat is reserved over there” a young pretty waiter said to me; motioning to the left. I didn’t seem to find Jide. “Did you see my man?” I asked the young waiter. “We came in here together and he suddenly excused himself and disappeared…” I chattered. She nodded and smiled. 

I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around, it was Jide. He knelt down and stretched out his hands holding a ring box. I froze on the ground I stood. “It’s happening!” I thought. Tears rolled down my cheeks. “…such a sweet man” I thought. “Babe, you make life easier for me; and you crowned it all by introducing me to Cardtonic…” we both laughed. 

I could see on-watchers flashing their phone cameras on us. “…Will you marry me?” He asked with a smile. “Yes!” I said amidst tears. He put the ring on my finger; I helped him up and he kissed me slowly on the cheek. “I love you babe” he said.

Jide stood on a platform in the restaurant holding a microphone, while I watched from where I sat; wondering what he was up to…

“When in doubt, choose Cardtonic.

When in need, choose Cardtonic.

If in need of a trusted gift card buddy, always choose Cardtonic….” “…my guy knows a guy who knows a guy; he’s always happy because he chooses Cardtonic.” “…thanks babe for introducing me to this superb trading app!…” He sang excitedly

I noticed some of the people present, begun downloading and exploring the app, and I could see satisfaction written all over their faces. Everyone applauded Jide… “…indeed Cardtonic does not just bridge the gap between individuals who need cash for gift cards; it also puts a smile on the faces of people that use it…” I thought aloud…


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