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Ask for help: A Mental Awareness


Most of the time an average mother thinks a child acting up is due to drugs or a mental illness, witchcraft, or spiritual powers. This is quite absurd because if we put our efforts into observing the child’s character, we should be able to pick out some tangible symptoms that would bring useful information but No, A typical parent wants to blame it on their old family members which is why we are...



As I sit on the chaise lounge wondering, what am I doing with my life? 40 with no kids, no wife, not even a job!!! Therapist: Mr CK are you there? Me: Ehn therapist, honestly, I am not here for you to sweet talk me oh. What kind of life is this? I was dealing with severe anxiety to the point and my family recommended Mrs. Nalia after my last episode, I had been having episodes for over two years...