Things More Important Than Money


Sitting outside my apartment in the cool of the evening and just having that “philosopher” vibe, I was thinking of what new thing I should create; a song or a write-up, and then, this topic popped up. At first, I wanted to debunk the idea because, with the current economic saga, the price of Fuel has inflated the price of everything, even dowry. I’m beginning to think that this marriage thing, the earlier, the better, lol. Well, that’s by the way.

This may not be what the average Nigerian wants to hear. Still, just like Esau of Biblical times, in the face of hunger, it’s difficult to see how a birthright is more valuable than a plate of porridge until it’s time to receive the birthright.

Journey with me as I run you through a few things I believe are more important than Money.

Life: The opportunity to be part of a sophisticated but beautiful system is priceless. Just pondering how the universe works, the alternation of day and night, the brilliance of the stars, our “form” as humans, how we are beautifully and wonderfully made, going deeper to how our body system works and so on. It’s easy to overlook such wonder in an attempt to pursue things. Solomon, a man recorded as the wisest of all men, once said, ” a living dog is better than a dead lion”. Only the living can hope, wish, work and succeed, let’s appreciate life.

Time: I was just scrolling through feeds on Facebook one faithful morning, and I came across a video where a guy was being interviewed; he was asked how much Money would get him financially secured, and he called a vast amount. Then the interviewer asked if he would take the Money on the condition of living for just one week, and he said no. There’s no need to make this point longer. Time is priceless; it makes change achievable, healing possible and living meaningful. Watching pictures of my five-year-old self leaves me thrilled at how much I’ve grown. A man without time has no reason to plan; time is precious.

People: Life is a field for exchange; we all exchange something we have for something we want. This is only possible because there are people. Some relationships can provide what you will work five years to earn in a day, and some emotional vacuums, only the presence of a human entity, can fill them. It’s paramount we become intentional about valuing people.

Is Money important? Oh yes! Money is so important that I feel like making a list of what it can afford you, but that’s not the goal of this topic. I believe there are things more important than Money, so let’s be careful what we’re willing to exchange for it.

Have a lovely day!!


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My name is Paul Yamusa, I'm a graduate of ABU Zaria and i hail from the northern part of Nigeria. I'm an easy going fellow that loves to smile and meet new people. I am passionate about music and personal development. I'm a song writer, rapper and singer, i derive joy in making people laugh.

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