The average person lives 27,375 days. It’s all we get if we’re lucky. It may not seem like a lot of time, but then again, how many days do we remember anyway…

Often times life passes unnoticed, moments blur, time races without a leash, and we’re left with a series of forgotten days, cause our minds have become wired to only remember the days we feel something happened, delightful or heartbreaking.

If you’re in need of happiness, change the state of things, shift those gears, recalibrate your fate, and steal that chance. Tomorrow is never promised; life is meant to be lived in the now, not later. Always be in search of moments; they’re fleeting; seize them, cause it’s all we have in the end. So, have a laugh, spread that good energy, stay daring and passionate, put your heart into whatever you do, don’t just be a hard worker be a happy one.

Never forget that life in itself is a gift; remind yourself to gather moments every single day; they’d turn out to be precious memories. When you find those moments, days will never blur, and you will be found.

Carpe Diem!

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Dark skinned, free spirited and a couple of inches above 5’8. If lighting up the room was supposedly a crime, I’d probably be the guiltiest. My witty demeanor would often times take the center stage, else you’d have to keep up with my quirky persona. And for the umpteenth time it’s really just Vince, not Vincent.

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