Scents, Music, Seasons and Memories


Memories are a stronger emotion than love.
A current significant other might be judged in favor of a past partner.
Our memories playing a trick on us.
We remember people by scents, shared music interests, and the season of time we spent together.
Some people prefer the rainy season to the harmattan.
Some of us might enjoy the snow, others not at all.
We might love the beach, but others are indifferent to it.
What ties our emotions to these experiences so strongly are people.
People we care for, people we don’t anymore.
Without looking or seeing we know when someone we care for is on our premises.
With certain scents, we expect to see person A.
With another, we expect to see person B.

We are young and we are aging.
Our bodies get weaker to create new memories.
In this moment of time, while we have some strength, create those memories with people you love.
And document.
Try memorable scents, subtly.
Time really does go fast. 

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Blackie, The eternally confused.

My name is Chinenye Nsianya. And in recent times there's not so much about me to say. I loved reading. I loved walking. Now i just exist. There isn't a lot that I do that gives me joy right now. I am making a commited process and i shall update you as it goes. This is what i will be writing about. A journey of growth and self confidence.

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