Moving On to Greater Things! Not Seeing You in a Jiffy…


One of the best decisions I have made this year was cutting off my tailor, even though I had already paid him to make four kaftans for me. But then, I had to cut him off with the money when he kept on posting me week after week.

Now, before you judge me on including something as vain as what I wear as one of my best decisions this year, at least hear me out. You see, I have always known how I wanted to dress and show up all my life. I love kaftans, and I know I look good in them. My fake lifestyle ex would always mention how I looked like a rich man back then whenever I wore a kaftan. It’s always about the packaging for her. LOL. By the way, who else checks up on their exes after a long time and sees that they are still keeping up that funny lifestyle… Mehn, you dey amaze me! Well, to you, my ex, I hope you change, or God help you to finally make it after faking it for so long. I salute your tenacity. 

But I digress; back to my gist, I have had a very toxic relationship with my tailor, but I don’t know why I have always stayed with him. Maybe I felt he was the only one that could make perfect kaftans for me, and to be fair to him, he is actually good. As a matter of fact, I foolishly asked him to make my wedding agbada even though I know how he is. I felt I could help him by giving him the material at least four months before the wedding, which I did. Guess when I received my wedding agbada, the morning of my wedding!

So how did I move on from my sweet-mostly-bitter relationship? I needed to attend an event in February, and I called my friend to plug me to his tailor. The new tailor came over to my place for measurement, collected the material, and this guy delivered it in five days! Abi, my eye dey pain me ni? Guess what? He did it perfectly and at a cheaper price. I had to quickly ask him to make four more kaftans which he delivered in two weeks. O boy, the grass can actually be greener on the other side, and my colleagues that have been complimenting my kaftans can now see that the journey to looking good was bumpy, to put it mildly. 

I believe you must have gotten the moral lesson by now but just in case you need it spelt out, you can actually move on from anything, no matter how much you might have invested. Life can be much better; you can get a better relationship, you can get more opportunities to make wealth, and you can even move on to a better country.

I hope you make progress, my friend. I am rooting for you!

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  • Sometimes the ability to move past the current state is just all we need … When one door closes a window is always there

  • …when a tailor ruined a december outfit for me i made up my mind to be one that would do better for people… sorry about the disappointment… thank God for the new designer … nice narrative E.S