Love Recipe Or Imagination? 🤔


LOVE isn’t as easy as we all see it on social media, but here’s the thing, what really excites you when you watch these love scenes or videos on the internet or in movies? Here’s a not-so-broad list of what most women look out for that immediately tickles their fantasies.

1. THE P.D.A(the kisses, hugs to mention but a few)

Two people hugging.

As a huge fan of love, the first thing that strikes me is the public show of affection; the audible and non-audible love tones are what I love to see. How he leaves the door open for me, how he holds my bag while we’re out etc. It’s called love, not some secret cult, So just like me, a ton of women would also be swept off their feet just by this.


An image of a gift.

I received all manner of gifts from family and friends and cherished them with all my heart as a child, but from a partner that claims to be in love with me. I, as well as women of the world, expect thoughtfulness to be a part of your reason for gifting. You don’t walk into a store and shop and pick something just because  it’s in her favourite colour or it’s trending.

Every woman has respective love languages and gift preferences. Even if they have a whole room stocked up with this particular thing, it would never be enough.

3. The Physical Appearance (body build, stature, e.t.c)

An image of a woman.

I never thought of this as a major factor until recently, it’s funny, but then something birthed this factor. If a woman is a sucker for physical appearance before any other qualities, I put it to you that his cognitive and emotional build becomes a waste TO THAT WOMAN.

In most cases, it is very possible for more than 3 women to like the same man, but they all like him for different reasons entirely. These reasons might be very obvious, but for each woman, it is significant.

Thankfully, everyone has preferences that could look alike or similar, but there’s this saying that goes thus   ‘’one man’s food is another man’s poison’’. So for every beautiful and intelligent woman out there, there’s a corresponding man to keep the love circle rolling.

Hence, before you guilt trip yourself for not being in someone’s kind of relationship, think thoroughly if that person would have been a perfect fit for you, and you’ll find out that he or she is lacking in one thing or the other that you cannot sideline.

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