To be lonely is to experience a void.

Something is missing.

This emptiness affects our relationships, people, and careers.

It might be a deep void at times, or it can be an awareness of the void—an awareness that something is missing.

Everyone gets lonely at times in a large planet of 7 billion people.

Everyone feels lonely at times, whether they are coupled, in a wonderful relationship, have many friends, children, and a successful career, or otherwise.

It is not a state to be in for an extended time. We should be grateful for our ability to accurately name our emotions so that we can work on them.

Loneliness is something that we all experience at some point in our lives. We are unique individuals.

Even in the best of circumstances, living with other people does not guarantee an absence of loneliness; if anything, it feeds it. It just becomes evident to you that you are a person. A human being and loneliness isn’t something that goes away.

We grow up, become adults, become accountable for ourselves, and take on the obligations of more people when we create a family.
The planet must continue to exist.
If we cease having children, the human race will end one day.
Children bring so much joy and warmth into some people’s lives that they nearly eradicate the sensation of loneliness.
Others may have a spouse, a love partner, friends, or interests.
Through no fault of theirs, many humans never get to be in familial relationships, and that is alright too.

I write this brief article to say that feeling lonely is okay. It is a human emotion and not a negative one, just like hunger. Hunger is satisfied with food. And loneliness can be satiated too. By a hobby, by people, or by just leaving it alone and going about your day, for we all feel lonely sometimes in all or different situations.

Loneliness is not a lack of love. It is neither a lack of joy nor a lack of peace and contentment. It is simply the awareness that you are human, and you alone are you. It is the absence of something.

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Blackie, The eternally confused.

My name is Chinenye Nsianya. And in recent times there's not so much about me to say. I loved reading. I loved walking. Now i just exist. There isn't a lot that I do that gives me joy right now. I am making a commited process and i shall update you as it goes. This is what i will be writing about. A journey of growth and self confidence.

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