Living in The Moment


A whole lot is going on in this era of ours. Life’s moving so fast; speed is the new normal. We have fast food, our networks are now 5g, sports cars are being marketed, and who knows, maybe doctors will come up with a medical treatment to make pregnancy last just three months; if that happens, overpopulation will be the new natural disaster. It’s easy to get caught up in the quest for speed and not even appreciate your progress.

While growing up as kids, we were anxious to start growing beards and having broad shoulders; regarding the beards, it’s a different testimony for me, but my friends are there. It’s the same thing with leaving home, making our own choices, finishing school, and all that; you get so anxious that when you arrive, you’ll find out it’s not exactly as you thought it would be.

Life is measured in time, and every second adds up to make a lifetime; by this time yesterday, today was tomorrow. Let’s not get accustomed to postponing our joy, peace, pleasure, and satisfaction to an unknown future. As much as we are chasing our dreams, we can as well enjoy sleep. This is not advice to embrace mediocrity but to recognize patience as a virtue.

A famous saying goes, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called a present. Find time to relax, live in the moment, and celebrate little wins.

Let’s spend today well while planning for tomorrow.

Have a lovely day!!

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My name is Paul Yamusa, I'm a graduate of ABU Zaria and i hail from the northern part of Nigeria. I'm an easy going fellow that loves to smile and meet new people. I am passionate about music and personal development. I'm a song writer, rapper and singer, i derive joy in making people laugh.

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