Education has no proxies


There is absolutely no effective case against formal schooling. The enormous value that formal education has brought to the world cannot be overstated. Wealth and power are universally associated with education, which may provide difficulty with what we believe to be payoffs.

The ability to speak clearly and be understood comes from more than just within a class wall. It is an accumulated skill that starts within the class wall and is compounded by your nature and further exploration of languages, context, nuances, and carriage.

But that is the thing so excellent about education. It gives you something to build on. You have somewhere to start from. There is no saying this can’t be done outside the walls of a structured educational environment, but within one, you have a foundation built upon which you can choose to put up a single room or height and heights of rooms.

Education enables you to perceive clearly and logically, which is a driving force in altering the world in which we live. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. In almost all circumstances, the pen instructs the sword on who to slaughter. 

What schooling we have teaches us how to construct the massive world structures we see in developed structures. The internet and, more specifically, computers are what I consider to be the greatest inventions in history. Consider a world in which a letter takes three days to travel a short distance, ranging from months to a year to arrive. That is the distinction between the world we live in now and the world that has passed us by. Education is the only way for this to exist. Someone built on their knowledge. Human education in the past.

While I consider the internet to be the greatest innovation of all time, I believe electricity is a close second. Without power, the internet would not function as we know it, and perhaps innovation would have occurred differently.

There is no aspect of life in which education does not play a role. In feeding and food safety, religion, and our daily lives in general. Education has always been and will continue to be beneficial.


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My name is Chinenye Nsianya. And in recent times there's not so much about me to say. I loved reading. I loved walking. Now i just exist. There isn't a lot that I do that gives me joy right now. I am making a commited process and i shall update you as it goes. This is what i will be writing about. A journey of growth and self confidence.

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