A day without Pain, is like a day without Sunshine


Life isn’t meant to be easy, it is meant to be lived. Sometimes, happy, other times rough. But with every ups and downs, you learn lessons that make you strong. 

In the intricate jambalaya of human existence, pain and sunshine commix to create a profound contrast that shapes our journey. “A day without pain is like a day without sunshine”, this sums up the symbiotic relationship between hardship and happiness, reminding us of the unfathomable beauty that emerges from life’s diverse experiences.

Much like a day without sunshine would be devoid of warmth and light, a life without pain would lack the depth and appreciation for the good moments. The ache of sorrow makes us cherish the sweetness of joy, and every hardship endured makes laughter all the more melodic and love all the more poignant. 

The happenings around me and of course my recent encounter which has caused me pain for a quite number of days inspired me to write this. Rocky Johnson once said, “a day without pain, is like a day without sunshine”, and I agree with him because, life is no bed of roses, and every moment of our lives count either in pains or vice versa. It is a testament to our strength that, even in the absence of physical pain, emotional and psychological challenges can cloud our skies. 

Imagine a life without the sun’s radiant rays, it would be a monotonous, cold existence. Similarly, a life devoid of pain would lack the depth that comes from overcoming adversity. Pain reminds us of our humanity and connects us to others through shared struggles. It is in these difficult moments that we discover our inner strength, compassion, and capacity for growth and change. Do note that, the pain you feel today, is the strength you feel tomorrow. 

Just as the sun sets, making way for darkness, pain too has its time. And just as the dawn breaks, pain recedes, allowing the light of joy to filter in. A day without pain is not an absence of hardship,  it is an opportunity to savor life’s simpler pleasures. It’s a day to bask in the sunlight of laughter, love, and the beauty that surrounds us. 

Warren W. Wiersbe once said, “If you want to enjoy the rainbow, be prepared to endure the storm”. As we seek sunny days, let us also recognize the growth that stems from navigating storms. Ultimately, the synergy of pain and joy paints the canvas of our lives with intricate strokes of meaning and purpose, reminding us that every day, whether shaded or sunny, contributes to the masterpiece of who we are.


About the author

Adebayo Olukade

Adebayo Olukade is a quality assurance professional at The Tonic Technologies. He is an advocate for growth and intentional leadership. Adebayo is very optimistic, liberal, and pragmatic. Therefore making him an inspiration to many, confidant to some, and a leader par excellence.

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